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I've been working for 50 years since I was a boy and never would have done this! Especially on F

Friday the 13th, guess I couldn't have make it without something unusual happening. This normally is my luckiest day of the year, if you believe in that sort of stuff. It started two weeks ago when my grounds maintenance foreman informed me he would be leaving in two weeks, which is today, Friday the 13th for a job with the county for better benefits and closer to his home. Can't blame him for that and he did give me a two week notice. Well! He showed up for work this morning planning on mowing and instead we sent him out to do an easy small bed maintenance and mulch job for his last day with one other crew member. Apparently he didn't like that plan for around 1130 am he returned to the shop with the other crew member working with him, to presumably pick up his wallet he left in his car. They were on their way to pick up some more material to finish the job they were on and would get lunch in route, which I had not problem with since it was his last day. He pulled into the back lot at the shop, got out with the truck with the keys in the ignition, it still running, with a 5 ton dump trailer attached and the other crew member sitting in the passenger seat and mentioned he was going to his car parked near the front of the building to get his wallet for lunch. A neighbor across the street observed and informed the other crew member sitting in the truck that the guy driving the truck just got in his car and drove off. Can you believe he just got in his car and drove off! Never said anything to anyone and left my truck running in the back parking area with a crew member waiting in the passenger seat. Never told anyone his plan or that he was leaving. Just left. Then an hour later he texted the other crew member with the letters, LOL. I have not been able to contract the individual. This is a person I trusted my equipment, jobs, keys to the shop, and depended on as a supervisor. What happened to common courtesy, morality and respect? As an employer who are we too trust these days? This individual is an adult in his 30"s, a full grown man, at least I thought he was an adult, I might now have been mistaken about that presumption. I hope his new employer's HR did their homework. Happy Friday the 13th, maybe I was lucky today, maybe the good Lord was looking out for me and rid me of a future problem.

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