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How did I come up with the name Green Cow?

I constantly get asked how I came up with the name Green Cow Lawn & Landscaping for my company. Well, you've got to know a little about my background. I worked on dairy farms most of younger years until I went into the military right after high school. When I decided to start the business I knew I needed something that was unusual, but not outlandish, yet would stick in someones mind by just seeing it once. I wanted my company to maintain a friendly country image and hospitality, although being in a city environment, by promoting a country neighborly greeting with a smile with even an occasional handshake by all who work for Green Cow and attention to the smallest details with a sense of ownership as a farmer would have to do to maintain his fields and crops. So to keep a county spirit I started looking at country items I grew up around that would also eat or fertilized grass such as Horses, Cows, Goats, Pigs, etc. Also on a farm if it is broke or needs built, you build it. This become our hardscape side of the business. I then wanted my company to promote a green and safe environment, but at the same time look neat and clean. So I started to research names on the internet. I found that Green Cow had only been used once before and that company had already gone out of business. What better opportunity. I had a name that was still unique and promoted green, mowing and fertilizing. A green cow is not only unique, but reminds us to be considerate of our environment. By being a cow, she has the ability to continue to grow and populate, plus by eating grass continues to mow and then redeposit what is mowed back into the ground by her manure to act as a natural fertilizer to help start the process all over again with the sunshine that brings about a new day. I also wanted my cow to have attitude and a image that would be hard to forget. You may forget our name but having "GC", (as I have named her), give you that look, you never forget it. A marketing hit! My perfect Brand! Only regret I have is I did not have the funds to copy right or protect the name in the beginning and now there is all kinds of green cows on the internet, but still only one Green Cow lawn & Landscaping. This took me only three days to come up with this name and I've never regretted it . People know me by my cow. Hey aren't you the company with the cow? Hey I see your cow everywhere! I called you because I remembered seeing your cow. How did I come up with the name Green Cow?

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