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Green Cow Lawn & Landscaping, LLC

Hardscape Warranty

Hardscape Warranty - (covers installation of dry laid, natural stone, retaining wall, and paver systems)

Warranty period begins from date of completed construction for a period of Five years. All material installation is guaranteed to be as specified and installation in accordance to manufactures specifications. Warranty covers broken or cracked pavers that are damaged during installation or as a result of improper installation not in accordance with manufactures specifications. Warranty covers loose pavers, loose edge restraints, and settlement of pavers in excess of 3/8” compared to adjacent pavers, walls, or stair treads. The guarantee covers the entire interlocking paver system, except projects that experience any of the following during the Five year warranty period:

  • (A) Warranty does not cover naturally occurring efflorescence of pavers, stains, or any damage due to uncontrollable circumstances. Damage by any “act of nature”, human negligence, flooding, extreme wind, fire, etc.

  • (B) Warranty is void if changes, repairs, or alterations are made to the paver system by any individual or entity other than Green Cow Lawn & Landscaping, LLC, or one of our approved sub-contractors.

  • (C) Warranty is void if high pressure water is used to clean the surface or joint lines of the pavers or applied sealants by anyone other than by Green Cow Lawn & Landscaping, LLC, or one of our approved sub-contractors.

  •  (D)  Improper loading or use of Hardscape structure.

  • (E) Tree roots from existing trees can damage the interlocking paver system. We do not offer a warranty to protect the paver system from damage caused by tree roots.

  • (F) Late Payment: all final payments are due UPON completion of work as per contract. Late payments for paver projects will result in the termination of the warranty.

  • (G) Warranty is void if new excavation, digging, or soil removal occurs within two feet of finished paver system and/or any tunnelling under the surface of the paver system by anyone other than by Green Cow Lawn & Landscaping, LLC, or one of our approved sub-contractors.

If a warranty claim is made for installation repairs it must be submitted within the Five year warranty period. Requested repairs are made by Green Cow Lawn & Landscaping, LLC, or one of our approved sub-contractors, and the costs for the repairs are covered by us, unless covered under manufactures’ warranty. All manufacture material failures will be in accordance to the manufacture’s warranty and are not covered by this warranty. If you wish to have another company complete the repairs, we do not compensate you or others for the repair, and the warranty is void.

Replacements and/or repairs furnished under this Warranty shall not carry a new warranty, but shall carry only the unexpired portion of the original Warranty provided.

*Material color will be matched as close as possible if a repair is made. Some variation in color may occur.

Our warranty is transferable!

In the case you sell your home or business within the warranty period, our warranty is transferable. Green Cow Lawn & Landscaping, LLC only requires that to maintain the warranty, you must have any repairs completed by our trained technicians. A copy of the original contract is required.

All others - Refer to Manufactures’ warranty.


GCLL 08/14 (Previous editions void)                                                                                                                                                    ATTACHMENT A

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